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Power Brokers, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD believes that having a great, knowledgeable, friendly team is how we gained our success.  We know that without a good team, there is no reason to play in the game.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team for their hard work and dedication.

Come meet them today & see why we know, you will be thanking them too!

  • Steve Nunn

    Steve Nunn Owner

    Steve grew up in "The Great White North" with family that spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. With love for water, snow, and dirt, powersports has always been in his blood. The knowledge and experience of spending 25 years in the automotive industry, with many of those years managing a Powersports division, has made it an honor and privilege to own Power Brokers Inc.

  • Tim Smith

    Tim Smith Sales Manager

    Like so many of our staff members Tim has been a customer at Power Brokers Inc. since we opened in 2002. An avid ‘motorhead’ he has a hot rod Mercury and a shed full of bikes so he fits in just perfect around here. He’s been in customer service/sales for over 25 years. He’s married to Becky and has 2 kids…Madysne and Jack, both are active in sports and outdoor recreation like their parents. Let Tim guide you to the machine of your dreams…he has plenty of experience behind the handlebars.

  • Christina Janacek

    Christina Janacek Office Manager

    Christina’s hometown is Freeman SD but she’s embraced the ‘City Life’ with her husband Jeremy and their two kids (Raegan and Marek) here in Sioux Falls. There are motorcycles in her bloodline as her Dad is an avid rider. She enjoys camping and hockey events with the family. She’ll help you navigate your paper work with a smile…she makes buying and selling fun in the office.

  • Joshua Nunn

    Joshua Nunn Finance Manager

    Josh was thrilled to jump at the opportunity to become part of the team at Power Brokers. He spent 13 years in Financial Services managing Banks and Credit Union branches, and now looks forward to helping you with your financing and insurance needs. Josh has been married to his wife, Brianna for over 10 years, and they have 4 children at home(Charlotte, Eli, Luke and Ruth). If you have any questions about financing (interest rates, terms, loan approval or warranty availability) reach out and speak with Josh today.

  • Rich Petersen

    Rich Petersen Parts and Service Director

    Rich has been working in the powersports industry for over a decade. He dedicates most of his free time to furthering his sled skills out west in the mountains. Snowmobiling has always been his passion, but that’s not where his hobbies stop. He also loves dirt-bikes, ATV’s and occasionally you'll find him in a restoration project. He and his lovely wife Erin have one child Everly, and a little brother on the way . We're excited to have Rich as part of the Power Brokers team, and we know that he'll give you great knowledgeable service and have a friendly face for years to come!

  • Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson Service Manager

    With over 40 years of experience Bob's reputation and love for powersports is second to none. He's been in love with riding, racing and fixing anything from motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles and everything in between...and nobody knows this better than his lovely wife of 30 years, Robin. When you drop off your machine, you can be confidence one of the best is working on it.

  • Karter Wildfeuer

    Karter Wildfeuer Sales Associate

    Karter is the go to guy around here, anything that needs done he's our guy. Like so many of our employees, he loves anything with an engine. A graduate of Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls he did an internship with us washing and arranging the showroom. As time went by we brought him on to help in sales and storewide. He still helps to oversee the clean-up area and is a valued leader on the sales team. He’s extremely knowledgeable and a great asset to our store.

  • Jack Smith

    Jack Smith Sales Associate

    Before he could walk or talk, Jack has had a wrench or throttle in his hand. Growing up in Brandon, he was active in sports and has raced dirt bikes since he was four. He loves being outdoors and rides and drives anything that goes fast…. whether it’s a dirt bike, snowmobile, off road or motorcycle that you're looking for….he'll steer you in the right direction.

  • Tim (T2) Nunn

    Tim (T2) Nunn Sales Associate

    Since the ripe old age of two and a half, Tim started his love for riding off-road toys, loving anything with two or four wheels. He has a passion for football, fishing, hunting, motorcycles and snowmobiling. Tim's always willing to help whenever and wherever he's needed, so next time you're in the store look for Tim, and he'll be happy to help!

  • Reyden Danner

    Reyden Danner Business Admin/Finance

    Reyden was born and raised here in Sioux Falls, graduated from Washington High school. He comes from a family of gear- heads, which would explain his love for going fast. He's been riding anything that he could start, since he was 3 years old. He's been racing Motocross since 2013. He has two brothers, and he's the middle child. Hobbies include Motocross (no surprise), snowboarding, traveling and photography. Were excited as he is to have him as apart of our Power Brokers team.

  • Steph Nunn

    Steph Nunn Office Admin

    Whether you're bringing a machine in or buying one, Steph helps out part-time doing the paper work and answering calls in the office. She always has a smile and loves helping customers.

  • Carlos Velasquez

    Carlos Velasquez Service Technician

    Carlos comes to us with experience and a passion for the industry. He's worked at other dealerships and has a true desire to be the best. Currently he races flat track and loves all things with wheels and a motor. Glad to have him on our team!

  • Ryan Riegel

    Ryan Riegel Inventory Management

    Ryan is just a fantastic help around the shop, taking care of the floor units and anything else that needs to get done. He's had years of experience in the powersports industry and has owned almost one of everything at least once. If you see Ryan in the store be sure to stop and say hi to him.

  • Chris Gullickson

    Chris Gullickson Part time Detail Specialist

    Chris has been raised up to have a huge interest in just about anything with a motor. He's a huge sled head, and they say Chris cut his teeth as an infant on the handle bars on an old 440 (not really) but a great story anyways... he helps keep all our inventory looking awesome.

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