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Why Choose Power Brokers Inc. to sell your machine?

Ask Ben and Shannon Allen…

"Absolutely painless! I was on the road trucking so I sent my wife up to pick up a Ski Doo Summit that I bought from them sight un-seen. The crew helped her unload the machine I was dropping off for sale and load the one I bought. Shannon said the whole transaction took less than 20 minutes. 2 weeks later I got a call that my other sled was already SOLD!!! We can’t say enough nice things about the process and their staff…first class!" Ben Allen

Why should you trust the professionals at Power Brokers Inc. to sell your machine?

#1-Track record: Since we opened in 2002 we've sold over 20,000 machines and our success rate is over 90% since day one. After all that's what you're hiring us to do...sell your rig. We take that commitment very seriously. With the right marketing, facility and personnel it is a formula that works time and time again.

#2-Time: With today's busy schedules...who has time to wait for someone to come and look at your machine? Worse yet...you wait and they don't show or waste your time with silly offers. Selling powersports products is all we do! We sort through the questions, handle the money and take care of the title work...you just watch the website for a SOLD sign and wait a few days for a check...easy enough.

#3-Trust: We are licensed and bonded, we are in good standing with the State Of South Dakota and our reputation is what our success was built on. Your machine will be marketed and watched over by enthusiasts who ride and know how to treat it. No test rides, no bad checks to you when the sale is made and a proven track record...all reasons to trust us with your machine.

#4-Value: Free is only free if it works! We understand marketing and have good statistics on our buyers and sellers. Sure Craig's List is FREE but if it doesn't work or the right buyer doesn't find it while the selling season is passing you by you've wasted an opportunity and you can't get that back. No powersports website in the region comes close to ours for traffic. Our descriptions and photos are accurate and to the point and people know we offer financing. The display fee and commission are nominal fees for great results ask our sellers.

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