PartsWhen we started our store in February of 2002 we had to avoid the temptation to try to do "everything". We heard our customer's screams for parts, service, clothing and accessories and they didn't go un-heard. We did, however, have to tune them out for a while.

We knew from Jim's 14 plus years in the powersports business that trying to be everything to everyone usually meant you were nothing to anyone. Our business concept (consignments) meant that folks were trusting us (hiring us) to sell their machines. We didn't want those customers to get short changed because we were short staffed. Consequently, we held off.

By 2004 we had added a couple of employees and we wanted to order parts, clothing and accessories for ourselves and a few select friends and customers so we contacted Tucker Rocky Distributing and got set up.

That was 12 years ago and Devin De Leeuw has steadily grown it into a big part of our business. We've added more suppliers and completed our parts room in the northwest corner of the building in February of 2013 stocking the basics: oil, filters, spark plugs, batteries etc... We have become a trusted source in the ATV and UTV snow plow and winch business in the last 5 years using what we call Power Pricing (our no B/S approach) to get you the best stuff at the best CHEAP stuff here.

We recently added our "Yard Sale" section where we sell used parts, clothing and accessories on consignment for customers and it has been amazing.

From the beginning we knew we couldn't do it all and do it well so we've stayed focused and delivered what you, the customer, asked for... great selection, great customer service and reasonable prices.

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